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Bratty Paws Daycare

Bratty Paws offers 2000 sqf of Indoor/outdoor dedicated Doggie Daycare area as well as over 21,000 sqf of dog training and an outdoor dock diving/dog swimming pool.  Unlike other daycare facilities, Bratty Paws encourages socialization and play ALL day with no forced nap times. We want your dog to go home after a fun filled day of excitement in our safe, controlled environment. Dogs are continuously monitored under the watchful eyes of excellently trained staff to ensure proper play behaviors. 

Call 941-833-3358
to make your reservations


Dog Size: Dogs must be evaluated for behavior before joining Bratty Paws Daycare


Vaccines: All dogs must be current on Rabies, DHLP (Distemper, Parvovirus), and Bordetella (kennel cough) VaccinesWritten Veterinary validation 

Health: Any pet entering the Bratty Paws facility MUST be free of external & internal parasites, use of MONTHLY Topical or Oral Flea/Tick preventative (Frontline, Vectra, Trifexis or Advantix) IS HIGHLY RECOMENDED.

Flea/Tick Collars are NOT allowed. Any pet found to have fleas while in our care (doggie daycare) shall be immediately quarantined until the owner can pick-up. Upon pick up, the pet owner will be charged a Parasite fee of $75.00- This fee covers the disinfection of all facility areas their pet came in contact with that now must be flea treated. If a pet is found to have parasitic worms (tape, round, hook, giardia etc), that pet shall be immediately quarantined & the pet owner must pickup their pet immediately. Upon pick up, a Parasite Fee of $75.00 shall be charged to the pet owner for disinfection of all facility areas their pet came in contact with that now must be parasite treated. 

Spayed/Neutered: All dogs must be Spayed or Neutered if over *8 months of age. We do not allow un-altered adult dogs in doggie daycare. *Note: Some dogs may “mature” sooner than others and for their OWN safety be removed from daycare if exhibiting hormonal behaviors. 


Collars: All dogs must wear a flat collar. This collar must be identified with their name either by means of a tag or the name embroidered directly on the collar. All daycare dogs must wear a collar with identification- there are no exceptions. If your dog arrives without identification on their collar, a tag must be purchased for a $10.00 fee. We do not allow choke, FI/GPS Tracking devices, martingale, chain, electronic, flea/tick, pinch collars or any collars that have a battery in/on them for boarding or daycare dogs due to the safety risks they pose.


Dog-Friendly: We ONLY allow dogs that are dog-friendly in our daycare program. If you know your dog is anti-social, please refrain from trying doggie daycare. We will refuse any dog that exhibits ANY signs of aggression or inappropriate behaviors.

Release: We will only release your dog to people listed on your daycare contract, if you know someone new is picking up your dog, please have us add them to your account.

Emergency Care: We require a Mastercard or Visa on file for ALL  Daycare animals for emergency care purposes


Pre-Existing Injuries: We do NOT allow dogs with open wounds, stitches, sutures or staples in Daycare for the health risks they pose. 


Age: All dogs must be at least 12 weeks of age to join our daycare program. We do NOT recommend daycare for geriatric dogs.

Reservations: We do not “require” reservations for doggie daycare but they are STRONGLY recommended to be sure your pup gets in for the day.


Meals: meals can be fed for an $15 additional fee.

Meds: Oral meds can be given for an $15 additional fee.

Personal items: Please do NOT bring any personal items with your pooch to doggie daycare. Most dogs do not like to “share” their toys with friends.


Release: We will only release your dog to people listed on your daycare contract, if you know someone new is picking up your dog, please have us add them to your account.

Pick-Up: Daycare dogs MUST be picked up BEFORE 6:30pm. There are NO after hours pick-ups. Because we do not offer overnight boarding, a $200 fee will be charged to any dog not picked-up by 6:30pm. Please contact Bratty Paws as soon as you can if you are unable to have your pet picked up so arrangements can be made for care of your pet. 


What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, Check, Mastercard or Visa

How do you keep the dogs from fighting?
We are VERY strict as to whom we allow into our doggie daycare program. Only dog-friendly dogs that play with “appropriate” manners are allowed to join the Bratty Paws Daycare Program. Plus, our doggie daycare is supervised 100% of the time by trainers that understand dog behavior to prevent any altercations even before they happen.

Can I stay and watch my dog in daycare?
No, we do not allow owners to watch their pets in person. Webcams will be available soon to watch your dog. 

Can my dog wear a Flea Collar?

No, we do not allow flea collars to be worn on dogs in doggie daycare. Most flea collars are toxic if ingested. We do not want dogs licking or biting any part of the toxic chemicals on the collar.


Does my dog need an initial consultation before he comes for daycare?
Yes, your dog’s first day at daycare is his consultation. Dogs adjust to different surroundings very differently. Some may be jolly and ready to play the minute they step foot in the building, while others may require a few hours to acclimate to our facility before being integrated into the daycare program. After your dog’s first day we will let you know if he/she enjoyed daycare and whether we feel he/she will do well in our program. We suggest scheduling a complementary initiation day before scheduling regular daycare visits.  


How long does it normally take to drop my dog off at daycare?
If you have made reservations, the drop off process is as simple as walking into the building, handing an employee your lead and you are off  in less than two minutes.


Can I leave my dog’s leash for someone else to pick him up?
We do not keep leashes here, as they often grow legs and walk away during the course of the day. But if the person picking up does not have a leash of their own, we will be happy to let them borrow one that you can drop off at your dog’s next visit.


Does my dog have to wear a collar?
Dogs must wear a flat buckle collar while in daycare- this is mandatory. No riveted, spiked or jeweled collars will be allowed. Pinch collars, choke chains, nylon slip collars, electronic fence collars, harnesses, bandannas and halti’s need be removed prior to your dog entering daycare- for obvious safety concerns.


I give all my own Vaccines to my dog. Is this sufficient? No, I’m sorry but we require all vaccines to be given by a licensed veterinarian. Written veterinary validation is required for Kennel Cough, Distemper & Rabies.

Please first call and make an appointment at 941-833-3358 then download form and fill out form and bring form with you along with a copy of your dog's proof of immunization. Thank you

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